The Herman Puig Story

Herman Puig (or German Puig). Born in Havana, Cuba. He studied painting and sculpture in Cuba and Audio Visual Techniques in Paris. He started his work on male nudes in Paris nearly 20 years ago, after being assistant to Henri Langlois Director of the Cinemateque Française.
He is the founder of the Cinemateca de Cuba.
He has worked in film and visual marketing in Spain and has had exhibitions in Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Huelva, Mallorca, Hamburg, Stutgart and Miami, Florida. Herman Puig currently lives in Barcelona, Spain.

Founding the Cinemateca de Cuba

Herman was one of the founding duo of the original Cinemateca de Cuba. His love of film (especially French) lead him to combine forces with Ricardo Vigon and develop a Cinema Club. Following Herman's visit to the Cinematheque Francaise in Paris, they decided to take their cinema club as far as it could possible go and fought political pressure along with fellow cine-enthusiasts to relaunch their Cinema Club using the organisational structure and model of the Cinematheque Francaise. Thanks to invaluable support from Henri Langlois their dreams were for a short time realised.

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