October 14th 2009

An Tribute to Herman Puig as the Founder of the Cinemateca de Cuba: - takes place at the Ateneo de Madrid, Spain. Recognition of Herman Puig's role in the foundation of the Cinemateca de Cuba.

December 24th 2007

Herman Puig takes part in "Cuba: Revolucion y Homosexualidad" in Madrid. Organiser: Confederación COLEGAS Colaboration: Consejería de Inmigración y Cooperación de la Comunidad de Madrid, Canal Odisea (Multicanal).

November 26th 2007

Herman Puig completes filming on a forth coming documentary on his life and creative exile to France. The documentary by David Boisse was filmed for the French market and is therefore in French.

November 24th 2007

Herman Puig's exhibition - "Full Bodied Herman" - takes place in Cafe Sabor, two breaths away from the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. The exhibition will continue until 14th December 2007. Produced by Herman Puig y Florencio Palencia.

November 22nd 2007

A new exhibition by Herman Puig - "Tabu or not Tabu" - takes place in Otman Roba i Tes from 22th November until 22th December 2007. La idea was to challenge the preconception of prejudice in Islamic Society. Barcelona, Spain. Produced by Herman Puig, Florencio Palencia and Robert Alan Hall.

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